Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Rally Fury - Fun Rally Games in Android play with Steering Wheel

Hi, In this post i will share about Rally Fury Games, this games is a Rally Games, you can download it in Play Store. At can be played free. There are various car that you can play, but only first car that unlocked. You need to play more to get money to unlock the cars. But you can also test drive even if you not buying the cars, but with the basic track and limited of times.

This games is also support Gamepad. And Of course if this games support gamepad, with Reasnow S1, this games can be played with Steering Wheel.

To play with steering wheel on this games, you need USB Hub so the phone can accept usb input, if you have a tv box / nvidia shield then it just plug and play.

1. Put Usb steering wheel (logitech g27) to to first slot of reasnow s1.

2. Put micro usb to reasnow S1 and connect it to TV Box/Android with USB Hub

3. Wait it until it calibrate and got it centered.

4. Setting up the reasnow APP, then mapping the controller to your own like.

5. Enjoy

Here's my video about Rally Fury and please subscribe.. :)


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